Want from the pole that supports

Consider what kind of texture you want from the pole that supports your curtain.

Finials are objects that are screwed to the end of a curtain FR Tent Fabrics For Sale in China pole to give it some more visual variety. Choose a finial that echoes the look of the room itself.

Don’t forget that there are also more obscure finials out there.

When deciding on your curtain pole, it is in your best interest to first look at the bathroom where you want it. Other simple finials include caps and even cubes. A brass pole requires a brass ball, but a wooden pole does very well with an antiqued brass or copper ball to give it some visual texture. A wooden pole gives you a warm look, while metal poles give you a slightly harsher look.

Curtain poles are an essential part of your window dressing, and even if they are a subtler part than the drapes or the ties themselves, they still play an important part in your bathroom windows’ look. This is something that does not take a great deal of visual space, but the detailing can still make the pole stand out. For example, think about how the light bounces off of dark wood versus brass or steel. What are the lines of the bathroom like, and how can a curtain pole match them? For example, curtain poles with plainer ends do well in bathrooms where there are a lot of spare, straight lines, but poles with ball-shaped finials do better in bathrooms with curved windows and soft décor. A spiral finial provides the bathroom with a fun, modern look, while a finial that is made to look like a set of branches give your bathroom an outdoors appeal, Consider where you want your focus to be and choose a specialty finial if you are in the mood for something a little less ordinary. A simple finished end with a strip of trim around the edge can give your window dressing a more sophisticated look. Wood lends itself well to bathrooms where you want a rich organic look, but if you want something slightly more cold, use brass or steel. Brass recalls Victorian décor while steel can be used in both traditional bathrooms or bathrooms that are aggressively modern. Make sure that you add the appropriate touch to your bathroom window dressing by choosing the right curtain poles for your purposes. One of the most common types of finial is a round ball, whether it is made of brass or wood. When the drapes are parted, the length of the pole is revealed and even when the drapes are closed, the ends are displayed.

Another thing to consider when purchasing poles for your curtains involves the ends. If you want to keep things spare and simple in your bathroom, choose a pole with a very plain, flat end.

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